Friday, February 28, 2014

Summary of February 2014

This month last year
Paul Holmes passed away, and I sold a portrait of him for charity. Again, the weather was better. We're having the odd stunning day but overall it's a crap summer.

Entertained by
Got back into movies this month. Loved Her. Enjoyed About Time a lot more than I expected - loved The Time Traveler's Wife book but not so much the film, and this was significantly better. Didn't really enjoy Enough Said - the late James Gandolfini was darling and I admire Tavi Gevinson so much. But the story was kinda silly; how can a grown woman be so out of touch, especially with the daughter plot. Watched all of Brooklyn Nine Nine - hilarious - and the first season of House of Cards (thanks, 3NOW) and loving My Kitchen Rules of course. Been listening to Kate Miller-Heidke again in anticipation of her new album out next month. Also been listening to Simon and Garfunkel, Fionn Regan and Jimmy Eat World. Variety, mate.

Finally won a TradeMe auction and scored a leggy couch, and its little sister! Thank you to legendary Mum and Dad for picking them up, and to Dad and Charlie for 'dismantling' the old one. And we bought a new desk chair for Charlie so he can actually sit and play computer games without leaning to the side. They only had the floor model left so we got it with a discount and carried it home (I did help until we got to the hill…) I also bought a new work-appropriate dress and blazer.

Mum giving me a lovely ring and card for Valentine's Day. Having a few more summer days and hanging out with my sister at the beach. Getting rid of the old couch.

Tough stuff at work - not directly affecting me, but still not fun. Finding out Louis Cole was hanging out at Wagamama's on the waterfront and not going to meet him.

Looking forward to
Gift shopping for a few birthdays coming up. Interview with The Wireless going up probably next week.

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Looks like a lovely month :) I love the ring your mom bought! And those photos on Instagram were lovely...I didn't realize your living room was so beautiful!