Monday, March 31, 2014

Summary of March 2014

This month last year
Struggling to remember - my blog was hit with screeds of spam comments so I took quite a break from posting.

Entertained by
Watched True Detective and loved it - fortunately I didn't start until all eight episodes had aired, so wasn't following along theories/recaps and didn't know what to expect. Matthew McConaughey is too good. I read Who Killed Scott Guy? on the iBooks app. Enjoyed playing with the French Girls app - submit a selfie for a stranger to draw, and receive a stranger's selfie to draw.

Bought three work-appropriate dresses, a black cardi and Never Been Kissed on DVD.

This month has been intense - these would all normally be posts in themselves, but there's just been too much going on.

I quit all fizzy drinks (soda) at the start of this month, including energy drinks. Only had one single ginger ale while out for dinner, and a couple of beers on Fridays for after-work drinks.

I went out for a lovely dinner at Charley Noble with Charlie and his Mum, then we all went to Power Plant at the Botanical Gardens which was amazing. Far less visual than I expected and so much more sound, which I loved. Do not understand why the posters had children on them - I think if they want to go then great, but it probably shouldn't be marketed as a family event imho.

I applied for an administration job and had a great meeting with some of the nicest people I've ever been interviewed by. They offered me the job and I was really excited about it. AND THEN...

I was contacted by someone I've met through SYAONZ and my medication - we had planned to meet up around Christmas time after I did that filming for AbbVie but it fell through. Long story short, we met up and she offered me a job. A job that ticks every single box on the 'Job Wishlist' I'd had on my Notes app since the new year - something I hoped to achieve in maybe five years, not within a matter of weeks. I'm so excited to say all the blogging and vlogging and Tweeting and SYAONZing and art and pretty much everything I do for fun has amounted to this opportunity.

On the day I got my contract, Charlie also got offered the job he had applied for! So we're doing pretty damn well right now.

My Dad did the helicopter flight we gave him as a gift last year and loved it - check out the photos on his blog.

Resigning is bittersweet - too excited for words about my new job, but I have had so many great times in my current job, and will miss the great people I've been working with a lot. Also having to turn down the other job offer sucked!

Looking forward to
Dad's birthday, Charlie starting a new job, Easter, having friends visit, starting my new job!

Most liked on Instagram
Put some effort into my make up for Ashley and Dave's engagement party.


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You so deserve your new job opportunity, and amazing both you and Cha at the same time. Go forth and conquer!