Friday, January 31, 2014

Summary of January 2014

This may or may not become a monthly update. I may or may not add more categories. Keeping you on your toes. Inspired by my cousin Amelia's questionnaire series.

This month last year
I think the weather was better. I went to Wings Over Wairarapa with my parents which was nice. No stand out memories.

Entertained by
I'm so addicted to all-Australian reality TV at the moment. Big Brother, The Bachelor, The Block, My Kitchen Rules. It's excessive. Had a few things spoiled for the ones that have already finished airing in Australia, so watching the rest as it airs over there. I've been listening to a lot more news radio lately too. Music wise I've been listening to Childish Gambino and of course Lorde.

Wish list
The search for a couch continues - looking for a perfect combination of price, size, and legginess. Also really considering chopping my hair, but that's not a wish so much as a to-be-decided.

A couple of evenings having dinner at the beach and playing games with friends. Buying a little writing desk from Trade Me and setting up an art space again. Starting a new commission which I think will be a lot of fun, and looking forward to sharing it later in the year.

The earthquake. So far so settled, but it's in the back of my mind a lot of the time. An episode of Coronation Street that I can't talk about with any NZ fans because I'm the saddo that keeps up with the latest UK episodes.

Looking forward to
Visiting my family tomororw. Taking next Friday off work to have a four-day weekend with Waitangi Day. And Charlie's having a well deserved holiday for most of February.

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I like your style :) Great set of monthly summary topics :) Might have to steal them next time I re-write mine.