Tuesday, January 03, 2012


2012 has begun with the laziest three days off work ever, and it's been awesome. Pretty much all I've done is sat around and watched stuff. On New Year's Day I watched The Ides of March and All Good Things, which were probably my favourite Gosling films to date (though the latter was more due to Kirsten Dunst, I must admit). And over the last two days I've been watching the second generation of Skins through, again. Seriously so lazy. My excuse is that I worked a few days between Christmas and New Year, in atrocious weather and in the evenings. Which sucked. I've always considered myself a night owl, but when it comes to work I definitely prefer getting it all over and done with early in the day.

Back to normal (almost) from tomorrow, and then counting down the days until my annual leave later this month. Which I have absolutely no plans for, though hopefully will use that time more productively.

Obviously nothing of much interest has happened in my life when I haven't left home in three days. However I did find out that I won an Eyes of Common ring from Wallace Chapman's Street and City Photos blog. Which is extremely exciting. And also maybe another sign that I should stop being such a slob and practice what I pore over on street fashion blogs.


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You have no idea how thrilled I am right now!