Tuesday, March 01, 2011

You need to know this. And this.

This is what my hair does when it dries naturally. Frizz-freaking-city. My life was changed in the mid noughties when I discovered the wonders of the ghd. (Can you tell I'm hard pressed for exciting updates?)

Something vastly more interesting to report is that I had a consultation about my next tattoo after work today. Sorry Mum and Dad. Decided to go with Simon at Alc HQ now that my previous artist has gone back the the UK. Looked through Simon's portfolio on the weekend and his work really impressed me. I took in some horribly-drawn ideas that I did far too late last night, but with a good idea of what I wanted in my head (helpful!) It's going to be an aviation themed tattoo, and I arrived at Alc today to discover Simon's a flying-nerd himself. Freaking perfect. May be a few weeks before I can actually get it done, but majorly excited to see what he comes up with. Stay tuned.


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I don't really care about the tatoos, it's the cigarettes I hate!!