Sunday, February 27, 2011


Oops, so accidentally let the cat out of the bag tonight: a long, inappropriate-for-blog story, but just another lesson on how New Zealand is a ridiculously small country with two degrees of separation, and like my mother always says- "Cheats never prosper"!

In other news, Charlie's friend Matt is staying with us now. He's staying in our lounge until we work out some accommodation- the options are finding a two-bedroom-or-more house or apartment that will allow Wallace, and all moving there, orrr he just finds a room in another flat and we stay here. I'm not really bothered which ends up happening, but if we move I want to get somewhere super cute! We went out for a few beers and pizza last night which was really nice. I wore my new bargain dress and snapped some stupid-blurry photos in the bathrooms at two pubs.