Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Social Network

Alright, so. I wasn't going to bother writing my thoughts on The Social Network, because I kind of figured that the ship had sailed. But people are still talking about it, and it's still number two on IMDb, so here goes… a brief blog of my thoughts (totally up the shit in terms of structure… and syntax… it’s bedtime).

Overall, I didn’t enjoy it. I had heard nothing but good things, and was totally looking forward to finally seeing it, and fully expecting to love it. But I just didn’t.

Before the film came out, I was already pretty well informed about the history of Facebook. From the get go, perhaps this is why I wasn’t impressed- I wasn’t really learning anything new. I do wonder if this is the exact reason why people love it so much- they didn’t have prior knowledge about the history of Facebook, so it was all new and interesting. I’m not trying to be a dick by saying that; if that’s the sole reason then the hype makes a lot more sense to me.

But regardless of that, technically I felt like it was filmed as a Ben Hur-length, intense, dialogue-filled drama… and then edited by Action Man.

The longest continuous dialogue (is that even a term? Sorry, it’s late) was the very first scene, which funnily enough was probably the most insignificant part of the whole film. From then on, everything kept chopping and changing, and flashing back and forward… this would be perfectly justified if there were huge amounts of action taking place, or a massive shocking twist at the end that pulled all the fragments together. There wasn’t.

Much like this blog post.