Friday, August 01, 2014

Summary of July 2014

Oops, one day late.

This month last year
I bought the Urban Decay Naked palette. That seriously looks to be the only thing of note in my Instagram photos.

Entertained by
I watched Crisis which featured some horrific acting and some of the worst green screen I have ever seen, but the plot was kind of exciting so overall I enjoyed it... Started watching Awake yesterday-evening on my sister's recommendation and that is much, much better quality. Loving it!

I finally watched The Other Woman and it was terrible, oh my gosh. I can get down with lowbrow, but that was really bad - except for Leslie Mann, I love her. I finally re-watched one of my all-time-favourites Dick online, but still want to find a DVD copy of it.

I read We Were Liars, which I would recommend but only if you don't know anything at all about the story and just go read it.

My first set of Prismacolors, a grey toned sketchbook, some new brushes. Throws and cushions for the couches. Two boxes of De Ruijter sprinkles...

Going to Auckland for NetHui - it was really interesting, and fantastic to catch up with a bunch of people I hadn't seen for a long time. I wrote a blog post about it for work here.

There is a new kitten in the neighbourhood!

Working different times to Charlie again kind of sucks a little more than I thought it would. And it has been COLD AND WINDY a lot.

Art progress
I have been drawing in the evenings again this month. I created a new Instagram just for my artwork - @aliceportfolio.

Looking forward to
I have tickets to two concerts in August - Broods with old-work people and 360 with Charlie. I also have an appointment to get my Captain von Trapp tattoo's face touched up a little bit.