Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summary of August 2014

This month last year
It was the middle of Breaking Bad's final season, I got my Captain Von Trapp tattoo.

Entertained by
We watched the first two Hunger Games movies, they were alright. I bought a stack of books from the Book Fair, and re-read Black Like Me and Willow Tree and Olive. Listened to Broods' Evergreen and 3ree6ixty's Utopia.

Books, a couple of dresses, a necklace, a cactus.

Going to Broods with old-work people and 3ree6ixty with Charlie.

Robin Williams' death.

Art progress
Only a couple of drawings at the start of the month.

Looking forward to
No big events coming up. Lorde tickets go on sale tomorrow which I was pretty keen for but have decided not to go. Going to try not to spend money in September.