Thursday, April 25, 2013


I'm going to really try and get back on top of blogging over the next couple of months, because there's so much coming up!

I spent today with my friend Sarah who's visiting from Tauranga, and we toured a few kid-friendly places in the city. I was very hopeful we'd get to go to the zoo, but unfortunately the rain didn't clear until mid afternoon so we ran out of time.

In May I'm going to Auckland for a weekend to attend an arthritis advocacy training workshop. Not really sure what to expect, but it should be a great experience. And hello, free flights?

After that weekend, my sister's graduating from University which is pretty exciting. Well, she's been out of uni and working as a nurse for a few months now but I guess it's all about the piece of paper and photo ops? Never been to a graduation before.

A couple of days after that it's my 24th birthday, and a couple of days after that I'm going to be on a discussion panel at an event for teenagers with arthritis. Hoping it'll be a pretty small group of people we're talking to, but either way it'll be good to get out of my comfort zone.

We're also having a couple of friends to stay from out of town in May and then in June, as well as a whole bunch of family and friends' birthdays.

Working on my art is definitely being pushed aside a bit lately. I've had a charcoal drawing on the go for a couple of weeks now, only putting in an hour or so here and there which is really slack of me. I posted a wee progress shot a little while ago here.

Otherwise, work and home is pretty much as ush, all's well. More later... later.