Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Photo Prompts

So I am being careful not to call this a 'photo challenge', because I think my mind just picks up on 'challenge' and goes "fuuuck that" and then I fail. I'm all for being challenged professionally, and in higher learning, and all that jazz. But on my casual personal blog. Just, no.

Sooo I am doing a series of photo PROMPTS. It's just, a mild suggestion. There's no rules or restrictions. Take some photos of stuff. Or not. No pressure. Found via this Save a Whale blog.

Let me know if you do it too. Well, if you have vague intentions of doing it. Um, just link me your blog.

Because it's super easy-going, I'm posting the first six photos today, and may or may not post more tomorrow. You'll just have to wait and see.

1. Self-portrait
MacBook photo taken on my last night in Queensland, November 2010
2. Favorite shirt
Concert tshirt from Rufus Wainwright's Wellington concert where I also met him, October 2010
3. Knick-knack
A mini fat Buddha I got from my old flatmate's Mum in 2007
4. Last thing you purchased
Apart from boring things like food and rent, I bought this seriously tacky fake Louis Vuitton bear for Charlie
5. Favorite pair of shoes
This photo was a dud from when I was trying to be clever and focus on my tattoo. Focused on the shoes instead. But I love them- they're just no-name black snakeskin faux-slingback heels. See, I do know some fashion terms
6. Something you ate today
Speaks for itself
7. Favorite room in house
8. Ugliest article of clothing that you can't get rid of
9. Inside your refrigerator
10. You, in front of your house
11. Something you waste money on
12. Favorite movie snack
13. Dream date
14. Favorite restaurant
15. Something that challenged you today
16. A random act of kindness
17. Guilty pleasure food
18. Something with huge sentimental value
19. The oldest thing you own
20. Something you're good at
21. Cutest pair of socks
22. Your bedroom
23. Favorite mug
24. Something you're reading
25. Your handwriting
26. Your pet(s)
27. Something you decorated
28. Your favorite holiday
29. Something someone made for you
30. You with your loved one(s)


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i might do this, if only to encourage myself to blog more. :)