Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday Musings

I didn't have a terribly busy weekend, but I think I accomplished a bit! Matt and I viewed a couple of rental properties on Saturday, and our favourite called me last night to offer it to us! So Charlie, Matt, Wallace and I will be moving to Mt. Victoria next month! I've lived in two different apartments there in the past, and it's definitely my favourite suburb I've lived in so far. For those unfamiliar with Wellington, the CBD (where I currently live) is basically in a big basin with the harbour on one side, and hills surrounding the other edges. So Mt. Vic. sprawls up one edge of the "basin". It's a bit of a hike up to the new house, but it's still a short walk and super close to town. It's going to be a big change going from our little apartment to having a flatmate and lots of space, but I'm really excited! As part of Crushed Glass's blog challenge, I'm going to be doing my best to document our packing, moving and unpacking efforts which may or may not be interesting! So I won't tell you any more about the new place until that begins this Sunday 13th.

I've tidied up the sidebar links on my blog to get rid of illustrations and clean it up a bit. Haven't been able to match a couple of fonts properly, but tried my best! If you're deeply offended by my hideous attempts at matching, please let me know... but hey, know that you're there because I admire you!

Something I'll be working on this week is getting a blog up and running for my Dad- it's not a big job but I've just been busy with other things. I bought him a domain so would be good to start actually using it! He's going to be posting lots of his transport-related photos. Blokey stuff, so probably of little interest to any of my readers! But that's where my energies will be going this week if my posts are a bit lackluster.

Here's what I'm currently listening to. Again. Apparently it was Cat Day last week, so it seemed appropriate then and now it's stuck in my head. Love.

And OH my goodness. A Facebook friend just linked the Scala & Kolacny Brothers cover of Radiohead's Creep which is cool and apparently is on The Social Network but I don't remember it and it was a rubbish film anyway so who cares.

BUT I am crazy for Damien Rice and this this this is BEAUTIFUL. This is how I type when I have a lot of enthusiasm.


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yay on your new place in Mt Vic. Mt Vic has to be one of my fav suburbs in Welly :)

Good luck with the packing

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