Friday, March 04, 2011

The ABCs of ALJ

This is taken from the Curious Adventures blog by the ridiculously sweet Kate. I've just added her site to the list on the right, because I've been visiting it about once a fortnight, and I think I need to up my intake. And she needs to blog more, so lets encourage that.

Age: 21

Bed size: Queen

Chore you dislike: I hate all chores. That's why I'm doing this instead of cleaning the apartment. My usual cleaning routine is that I'm ridiculously lazy after work all week, and then Saturday when I have a day off and Charlie's working, I go crazy and clean the whole house while listening to music. It's a very stupid technique.

Dogs: Wallace is just more like a dog than a cat. (I'm only saying that because some comedian made fun of how 'cat people' always say that, and it's totally true. And I am a cat person. Obviously. And I can't remember what stand up or show that was on)

Essential start to your day: Cigarette

Favorite color: Grey

Gold or silver: Both, though I think silver probably suits me better. But I got a black and gold dress in Aussie, and since then have started a little collection of gold nailpolish and jewellery

Height: 165cm, which according to this is the EXACT average height of an NZ woman

Instruments you play(ed): I started recorder lessons and I started guitar lessons and I never got any further than Mary Had a Little Lamb

Job title: Broadcast Monitor

Kids: I don't like them. Like, I really don't like them- they make me seriously uncomfortable until they're about 13 years old. Even more than I don't like kids, I don't like parents of kids. This is a massive generalisation, and obviously I DO like a large number of parents with young children but... stranger-parents with children make my skin crawl with all their fussing and sighing and... needs. You can hate me now, it's all good

Live: Wellington, New Zealand

Mum’s name: Mary

Nicknames: I don't really have any big time nicknames- I think 'Alice' is short enough not to require any. Charlie calls me 'Woman!' or 'Girlf' (which started as a joke after I started calling him 'Boyfie' to be a dick, and then it all kind of stuck, and now we sound really stupid in the company of other people and... oh, you don't care). My little sister Emily calls me 'Jones' which is exceptionally original. My friend Dylan calls me 'Alize', sometimes. A couple of friends call me 'Ally', and my friend Sarah reckons she calls me 'Alley-Cat', but it hasn't stuck as well as she hoped

Overnight hospital stays: Oh gosh. I would guess that I've spent around three weeks in total in hospital, though it could be a bit less. I went in for a few nights at a time for intravenous treatment for my Anklosing Spondylitis. Which I will probably elaborate on in an upcoming post, because there are many hours in the day to fill when you are procrastinating from cleaning

Pet peeves: People who say 'LOL!' as a comment on Facebook and are not being ironic. PDA. People who spell 'Eh?' like 'Aye?'; even though neither makes a whole lot of phonetic sense I GUESS, 'Eh?' just seems slightly more eloquent. People who are easily offended

Quote from a movie: "I was still waiting for everything to start, and now it's over." from Elizabethtown, pretty much every line in The Dreamers, and it's not really a quote but the just everything elderly Briony says at the end of Atonement, because it makes me bawl like a baby. I don't really have specific movie quote that I adore. If I was asked for movie scenes, that would be much easier!

Righty or lefty: Right. (This is another pet peeve; saying 'Righty' or 'Lefty')

Siblings: Two sisters, and I'm the middle child. Sort of. It's complicated

Time you wake up: 4am during the week. Yep. And about 9am on the weekend since I started this job

Underwear: I really hate underwear

Vegetables you don't like: I pretty much like every vegetable, except for that frozen mix that has green beans, corn, and carrots. I like all those vegetables on their own, but throw them all together and it makes me feel ill

What makes you run late: This week- having someone staying in our lounge means I've been getting up at 5am instead of 4am, because I can't sit on the computer for an hour so there's nothing to do. Has made it pretty shit, because it's good having that hour to wake up before I shower and dress

X-rays you’ve had: Many many joints, due to AS

Yummy food you make: I've made some badass baked chicken breast a couple of times. I marinated it in a sauce that I invented by using the few ingredients we had in our fridge... SOOO good. I use sesame oil instead of cooking oil for pretty much everything. I make really good salmon pizza, which is not difficult but is quite expensive. You can read about my salmon pizza here, if that so excites you

Zoo animal favorites: Tigers and otters


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