Friday, February 18, 2011


We have been lucky enough to have the most glorious weather in Wellington this week! Officially it's nearing the end of summer, but the temperatures here are just as good as they were during my time in my hometown at Christmas. It makes me looove starting work so early, because I get long afternoons off (won't be so much fun getting up before dawn in winter, but I'm trying not to think about that!)

Charlie worked late tonight, so I spent the afternoon walking around the central city. I took the above photos in Civic Square, then went to NZ's national museum, Te Papa Tongarewa, to view the exhibition of Brian Brake's photography which was wonderful.

On my way home I picked up some NZ themed cards and postcards so I can finally reply to some mail I received- an old friend of mine has been teaching in Japan for the past few years, and she had her students send Christmas cards to her friends and family. I've been so slack with replying, so will finally send something back to them this week!

I also bought Wallace a red bowtie from a $2 store! He wouldn't keep still as soon as he saw the camera (as usual, unless he's almost asleep!) but he looked very proud, prancing around wearing it haha. Have taken it off him so it doesn't get caught on anything, but I think I'll use it to dress him up for guests... only sort-of kidding.


Jenny Taylor said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I have a dog named Wellington. :)

It's nearing the end of Summer? Ugh! I envy you! It is definitely winter here and I hate it. Can't wait for warmth.

Your kitty is sooo pretty. The bow is perfect, too.