Sunday, February 13, 2011

Like, Christmas.

Now I don't mean to get all 'interior decorator' on yo' ass, but my parents visited on Friday and brought with them a couple of super awesome gifts! Well, technically two 'long-term loans', one of which I had already made not-so-subtle hints about wanting, but still- exciting!

I got a Bell valve AM radio that was my Grandad's (Dad's dad). We tried it out and it does work, except the concrete walls of my building make the reception pretty shitty and it obviously only picks up AM stations. So it's just going to be a cute retro ornament in my kitchen.

I also got a retro rocking chair, which Charlie is not so fussed on, but I think is adorable! Both items need a bit of a clean, especially seeing the dust under the rocking chair in that photo! They'd just been in storage in my parents' garage, so it's nice to get them out on display.