Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'd seen this video on NZ's free-to-air music channel C4 a bit recently, and always found it enchanting. Especially the dancing, it's fantastic. Had no idea until today that Kimbra's a Kiwi, although she's in Australia now (who can blame her?)

Also fantastic is her hair in this video. The curls are pretty similar to how my hair behaves if I actually put product in it and let it dry naturally. However I don't see myself pulling off that hairstyle. Ever. Thanks ghd.

The photo to the right is how Kimbra looked in 2009; pretty but forgettable imo.

So, two questions for anyone (outside NZ) who will oblige me. 1. Have you heard of this girl before? and 2. Have you heard of Brooke Fraser?