Thursday, November 04, 2010

Rufus Wainwright

Charlie and I are such major Rufus fans at the moment.

I've been a fan of his since around the end of high school, when I had a small collection of his songs on my iTunes, and then saw him in the film Heights. Since then I've just extended my collection to include all but one of his albums, and a few of his live DVDs. I went through a phase of not listening to him much at all, and favouring the ever-amazing David Byrne. But then I moved to my little flat Austin Street where I lived alone with my cat, and Charlie would come to visit. I started playing Rufus all the time, and he went exceptionally well with glasses of wine which calmed my new-boyfriend nerves... His music has become my favourite to paint to over the past couple of years, and if I'm ever feeling completely uninspired I just stick him on my iPod and start doodling away and soon think of something to draw or write.

Finally seeing Rufus live last weekend has just made me love him even more, and I've been reading a lot more of his interviews as well as listening to his music. One of my favourite articles that I have come across is this one from Telegraph. He speaks about such tragic, dramatic things in the most fantastic way. He's an absolute treasure. I hope he comes back to New Zealand soon.