Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wellington Walks

Today I walked all over the central city for almost three hours, taking pictures for an upcoming project. Took this one on the waterfront by Te Papa.

Checked out exhibitions at Minerva on Cuba Street and Solander on Willis. Very very cool. Nadine Smith's paper works at Solander are so awesome, look great from afar and are constructed so delicately up close. Her jewellery was in the exhibition I was in last year.

Charlie's in Auckland for the weekend which is pretty lonely! I guess at least I'm getting stuff done. I'm five episodes into season one of Breaking Bad; damnnn it's good! I heard talking about it a couple of years ago, but never got around to watching it. So addicted, it's definitely up there with Dexter in my top shows list.

It's getting late so I better finish cleaning our apartment. Important day tomorrow!