Monday, August 23, 2010

Mad Men casting call/Wallace's first night

I recommend checking out the Mad Men casting call website, just to admire all the fantastic photo submissions. Lots of really boring actor headshots, and trashy looking women, but lots of freaking awesome entries, like this one pictured. Baaabes.

Charlie got home about eleven o'clock last night, and I was super happy to see him. Wallace was a little scared, and went back to hiding in "his" bookshelf. It's only day two, and he's definitely coming around, he loooves cuddles once we grab him, he's just too scared to approach us for now.

I left him shut in the entrance area and the bathroom for the night (so glad we have doors on every room). I put a polarfleece blanket under a chair to make him a little bed, but when I got up this morning he was curled up on the second shelf of the bookshelf, in a tiny little gap! Cats can always find a cosier spot! He didn't make any noise all night (I think he's too terrified to make a peep!) but he hasn't been to the bathroom yet either, so we're keeping a close eye on him.

In other news, tomorrow I have a day of annual leave, and I'm going to Sarah's school (she's a teacher) to help make some backdrops for their school production. Should be fun! And nice to have a day off but still be doing something.