Monday, October 20, 2014

Recent stuff

No more apologies, I'm pretty much done with personal blogging besides the occasional check-in such as this, which is mainly for my future self (but if you enjoy it too then, great!)

Everything is now booked for Australia, and I'm in the process of saving spending money. October's almost over already so it's going to come around verrry quickly. I am doing so well! Praise me!

I managed to go to World of WearableArt for free and it was flipping amazing. I'd never really paid much attention to it in the several years I've lived in Wellington, other than noting an influx of middle aged women clogging up the footpaths. To be honest I assumed it was a very pretentious runway show of fancy costumes and never looked further into it - it's sooo much more than that, and felt more like a circus experience than anything else. Will definitely look at buying a ticket to go again next year.

Since Gone Girl's NZ release I have re-read the book once and seen the movie three times, so that is my review, take from it what you will.

I watched White Bird in a Blizzard the other day and was underwhelmed, despite my love for Eva Green. Jimmy Fallon just talked it up way too much. You'll probably like it if you go in with low/no expectations. Or with a burning desire to perve on Shailene Woodley's boobs.

It was Charlie's birthday at the start of the month and I got him a rather nice Stolen Girlfriends Club ring, a Batman plush collectable thingy, and Bun B's Rapper Colouring and Activity Book so I think I am pretty much the best at presents ever.

I had more to write about, but would you look at the time...