Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summary of May 2014

Note: I scheduled this post a couple of days ago. The month is ending on a terribly heartbreaking note, as we have lost a beautiful, gentle, caring member of our SYAONZ community and I attended a service for her today. Rest in peace, Moira.

This month last year
Last May I spent a night in Auckland for an Arthritis New Zealand advocate workshop, which was the start of a lot more work and enthusiasm for SYAONZ, including the start of our website. My little sister Emily graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing from Massey University. I took the day off work for my 24th birthday for a hospital appointment, and then spent the afternoon with Charlie.

Entertained by
We have been watching a few episodes of The Office pretty much every night after work - currently on season 6. We started just after I saw Lauren mention she was re-watching it, and how emotionally involved in Jim and Pam's relationship she is. Oh gosh, me too, so much.

After teaching myself the New Zealand Sign Language alphabet one evening, I've been thoroughly impressed by the New Zealand Sign Language Dictionary app and trying to pick up a few words each night. Seriously, check it out, fantastic app.

Music-wise has been same old, but I'm in the 'love it' team for the video to Chandelier by Sia.

Besides my usual subscriptions on YouTube I've also been watching a lot of Jimmy Fallon videos (Drew is one of my favourites), UFO sighting videos (yup), and videos of extreme waterparks. Oh, the places you'll go.

Two Rimmel lipsticks, a L'Oreal lipstick, six Milani lipsticks, and another lipstick holder. A clear case for my phone (what's the point of getting the fancy gold one if you can't see it?) Chelsea Winter's cookbook for Mother's Day, and a present for Mum's birthday (haven't been able to give it to her yet).

I got about 20cm chopped off my hair! Absolutely love it, Jacques did such a great job and I'll definitely go back to him in the future.

Starting my new job has been a massive highlight and obviously the most significant part of this month. Absolutely loving it, and still pinching myself that I get to wake up on weekdays and head off to do something that I love. We had a great development day in Martinborough with the whole team.

Spent a night in the Wairarapa for my friend Alishia's leaving party which was a really good night.

It was my 25th birthday on the 17th which was mostly spent in Martinborough. The weather was gorgeous, and we had a lovely lunch at Medici. Was super spoiled with lovely gifts.

Looking forward to
Going to Auckland for a day of work. Going to Ellie Goulding with some old-work mates. 

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Stunning colour during a Wellington sunrise - no filter.


Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Sorry for your loss. Shows you what a tight community you've become and you can all support each other. But on a lighter note, happy birthday and I'm glad you're watching The Office again! x