Monday, October 15, 2012

Yours and mine, happy days.

Hey all, been a long time, sorry! Been in my new job a week now and so far it's excellent. Just the right balance of team interaction and work independence for me so I'm really happy with how it's all working out.

The sole gripe I have is transport related rather than work - the office is located out of the city, and as I don't drive it's back to the bus lifestyle. Which is fine, our bus drivers are often grumpy sods but the schedule is fairly reliable. My problem arises when coming home after work; in order to get to the city bound bus stop I have to cross five lanes of rush hour traffic with no pedestrian crossing. Kinda scary! Apparently the issue's been raised with the Council before but I'm sure you can guess how that goes. Remind me I need to write a strongly worded letter of my own when I have a minute... It's given me good motivation to perhaps get my license in the new year, but in the meanwhile I don't want to be "the one" that gets bowled and forces them to put a crossing in. Ugh.

Had a great night after work on Friday, dinner out with Charlie and a couple of friends who are getting married next month, then a few games of pool and beers, several beers. Also caught up with our old flatmate and his girlfriend and made tipsy plans to do a zoo encounter at some stage. Meerkats, gimme.

After that had a super quiet weekend indoors, mostly because I have a very annoying cold/cough that I want to get rid off. Feeling totally fine, just so irritated by the occasional coughing fit. I know some of ya'll will suggest it's the smoking which yes, obviously won't be helping, but I swear it's air conditioning. Every time I spend time somewhere different with air conditioning I get a similar cough for a few days.

It was Charlie's 24th birthday a couple of weeks ago now. My parents gave him a cordless drill which he was pretty excited about, and I gave him a whooole bunch more Bearbricks to add to his collection. They are becoming kind of a pain to store now he has so many, so we definitely need to get a decent sized display cabinet for them!

Haven't been working on the art lately, been a bit too busy with the new job and the (USA) Fall TV schedule hehe. We'll be watching the new Dexter as soon as I'm done writing this! But I do have a whole lot of notes and sketches in a pile on my desk for a new series of ten drawings I want to start. Mostly waiting for an opportunity to get to Gordon Harris for some super luxurious paper, guess I'll make that my mission this weekend. Although it's a long weekend too, so I'm thinking I'll head home for a night to visit the family and my Oma who's not too well.

I guess this counts as freewriting because I'm a bit all over the place... if you're finding this remotely interesting to read I'm amazed! Having the office way out in the middle of nowhere is excellent for breaking my habit of overpriced lunches, although I was swayed by a sale email notification on ASOS last week, heh, can't wait for that to arrive! Still need to find a dress for the aforementioned wedding next month too. I have my eye on an amaaazing one with an equally amazing price tag (as in, startling) but I'll see how much I have left after the bills are paid because it's perfect. I want one that will cover my arm tattoo but not be too heavy (November in Martinborough, potentially sweltering). If I can't afford the dream one I'll find something cheaper and link the one I want so you can drool along with me haha.

Better go watch the shows. More later... hopefully not too much later.


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Yay freewriting! :) I'm glad you're enjoying the new job, but I agree about transportation, it can be a real drag sometimes. Happy late birthday to Charlie btw :)