Saturday, April 07, 2012

Things that have kept me entertained

Hi, friends! Happy Easter, et cetera. I am feeling pretty good today, thank goodness. And thanks so much for your well wishes. I need to work out how to enable the 'reply' function on comments... I tried following a tutorial but it didn't seem to work for comments in a pop-up window, which is what I prefer... let me know if you know how to get around this, and I'll do some Googling at some stage too. Otherwise might just have to change the comment display setting, because it is a great feature I should use.

So, over the past couple of weeks I've spent a LOT of time alternating between sleeping and trying to prevent boredom. I've watched several movies, but I think I'll do a brief review of each in a separate post.

I watched the six episodes in the second season of Miranda, because I'd only seen season one on NZ TV - such fun. And Tom Ellis is so cute, but in a very charismatic kind of way... in that, the Google images I just looked at make him look like Ted from HIMYM, but he's far more attractive on the show.

I sat with my phone and read through many, many pages of the STFU Parents blog, lol-ing all the way. I am probably just totally slacking on this one since the site recently celebrated its third birthday, but this shit is hilarious. The term "mommyjacking" fills me with glee (and despair, I suppose).

I also read a lot of xoJane articles on my phone - not sure whether there's an even better way of reading it, but their mobile site on Safari is great; just a list of articles and super easy to skip way back in time.

I try and watch Ellen every day even when I'm healthy, but haven't missed an episode the past couple of weeks (although they seem to be playing repeats for the school holidays which is annoying. I hate how television schedules outside of normal school hours change... by all means, put cartoons or whatever on 8-3, but why do we all have to suffer in the evenings, man? Clearly when I'm housebound I get even more passionate about what's on the box). But anyway, I love Ellen - I don't know how anyone could not. And I have most definitely been known to spend several hours watching her hidden camera segments on YouTube.

I've been playing a lot of Draw Something, although it irritates me that despite parting with a couple of dollars for the upgrade, I'm still getting the same words over and over again. It's fun though, those interactive games are so great for super-boredom - always a bunch of games waiting for you or the last resort of starting a new one with a random player. My favourite is definitely Scramble With Friends, which is the Bogglesque, less-popular sibling of Words With Friends. If you want to play me on either my username is NicetiesCoNz haha. I'm not sure how you can find me on Draw Something, because I stupidly signed up through Facebook, so I'm just Alice J, which is obviously no help.

I really don't know what I would have done without YouTube on my phone and our relatively-new unlimited broadband plan during this time. I've discovered so many new favourite channels, but I'm incredibly bad at remembering to subscribe to those I like, which later leads to searches like "facebook rant blonde girl" and such. I mostly watch beauty gurus, but Charlie and I watched a lot of mostly-'90s music videos together on Thursday evening which was fun. And I came across Sophie Madeleine's Pumped Up Kicks cover, which I mainly love because she reminds me of Marie Schrader from Breaking Bad, not gonna lie. But she does have a beautiful voice, too.

I've watched wayyy too many beauty gurus to list, but I'll make special mention of Shannon from Palmerston North who's going to be featured on NZ 20/20 in the coming weeks. Those of you who are local may have to get past her strong accent as I did, but she's pretty entertaining if you enjoy that type of thing, and I'm envious of her on-camera confidence.

Yesterday was Friday, and Charlie moved my computer and art supplies into the bedroom. Which I know is probably super bad feng shui, but we have a small house and too many computers! And mine's the desktop that can pick up wireless, so it makes sense. I also think it might be good for me in terms of creating more artwork, since I won't have the distraction of the TV and the view - though the light isn't as great... but to be honest I do most of my painting at night anyway.

Not that I've picked up a paintbrush in several weeks now, though I have used my sketchbook quite a bit. I started a portrait a few weeks ago and then abandoned it, incomplete, and when I pulled it out of a pile of paper yesterday I discovered a Wallace tooth-shaped hole in the bottom right-hand corner. So either I have to adopt that as my signature, or bin it. Bugger.

Also yesterday I imported most of my CDs into iTunes, which was great because the only other time I attempted to do that was on an ancient triangle-box shaped Mac and each disc took like and hour so I gave up. I thought having my own computer would be handy in stopping those times when Charlie and I both need to use his PC, but it's also really fun personalising it.

Congratulations if you made it to the final paragraphs of this post! I know it's not terribly exciting, but as is my life lately! I'm spending some time with my sister Emily today - we're going to do some shopping and then film a video together, so that should be something interesting to post here! I'm not sure how soon it will be ready though, as editing it will be my first attempt at using this version of iMovie so we'll see how it goes. I also have a video to edit and upload of me getting my Humira shot... but no, I didn't do it myself. I tried. I really wanted to do it. But I had to call Charlie for help in the end, and it stung like a bitch this time too which won't help my confidence for next time.

Anyway, fingers crossed I'll be visiting my parents tomorrow for Easter Sunday, so very much looking forward to that. I hope you all have a great Easter break, and scoff heaps of chocolate.


nova said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love Ellen too! :) She always always makes me happy.

Caitlin said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ellen is the best! It's like the only talk show I'll sit through. And XOJane and STFUParents are two of my absolute faves.

Holly Knitlightly said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I THINK that the only way to have the reply feature is to have your comment form on the same page. I'm not 100% sure, though...

Okay, I'm loving this post. I just wish I read it at the beginning of last week when I was laying around sick bored out of my mind, ha! I'll have to check out that Miranda show! (By check out, I mean add to my list that is pretty enormous of TV shows & movies to watch. One day I will get through it. I swear. I put it on my list, so I've got to. Right? Haha.)

Checking out the STFU Parents blog, too. I love reading "When Parents Text" on my phone when I'm in bed, haha. Although it takes ages for a page to load and there are only a few text conversations on a page. But still hilarious. Haha I'm sure I drive Keith crazy when he's trying to sleep & I want to read every other conversation out to him.

Also, I'll check out xoJane. Haha damn you, giving me all these new websites to check out!!! (I know I just said I'm loving all these new things to check out, so don't listen to me... haha.) I need an iPad or something so I can lay in bed and look at these. Gah. One day... maybe. hahaha.

Normal TV drives me insane. I didn't even turn on my TV once while I was sick because I know that nothing good will be on, haha. I can't stand commercials anymore. Watching TV online has really spoiled me. And it's so annoying when you do decide to sit down & watch something and there is absolutely nothing online. Like last night for instance. Keith made me watch those antique hunter shows, gah... I hate those, hahaha. I don't know why he's into it!

I really want an iPhone now, too. I have a blackberry and I'm pretty sure I got a bad one... it never really worked well from the beginning. And I'm stuck with it until may 2013. Oh well. It just sucks because I can't have any games. Anytime I try to download something (or uninstall something) it freezes and I have to re-start it, which takes at least 10 minutes.

Okay, this comment is getting super long so I'm going to stop here, haha!