Friday, December 16, 2011

Interview: Cormack O'Connor

I came across Cormack O'Connor's photography on the Facebook page of Blackbird Corner, a boutique in his hometown of Newcastle, Australia. I was impressed by the black and white images on Cormack's own page, and upon reading that he is just 15-years-old I decided to contact him about this interview. Since he agreed to that I've seen much more of his work on Flickr, and am very, very impressed. Yeah, my friends and I messed around with our SLRs when we were the same age, but we sure didn't have the level of technical skill and passion Cormack does. As always, choosing only a few of my favourite images to feature here was super difficult, so make sure you click over to view more of Cormack's work if you like what you see.

How long have you been taking photos?
I was 13 when I first started taking photographs. It's still very new to me.

Where have you learned about photography?
I study photography at school at the moment but in the beginning I mostly just soaked up knowledge from other photographers as much as I could. I still do.

Where do you think your interest in photography came from?
We have a family friend who is a great photographer. I was really inspired by him and decided to dip my toe into the world of photography. I've now caught the bug and I'm totally hooked!

What equipment do you currently use?
I currently use a Canon EOS 550D as my main camera, but I have experimented with both film and digital. I own a Canon G11, a Diana F+ and a Polaroid Spectra.

What do you use to edit your photographs?
I don't really edit my photos that heavily, just a few touches here and there. I use Aperture on my iMac, which I taught myself how to use but I was taught how to use Photoshop CS4 as part of my photography course at school.

Do you have experience with selling your work?
I haven't really sold much of my work but I do try to. I think it's all about self promotion and networking, which is exactly what I'm trying to do right now.

Would you like photography to become your career?
I think photography is always something that I will do part time. I'd love to set up a little photography business and have that run when I'm not doing my day job. I love shooting live music and portraits. I shot Fat As Butter music festival this year so festival photography is something I'd like to do more of.

What inspires you?
Everything! I'm a huge music nerd and a lot of music inspires me. But I can draw inspiration from pretty much anything.

Who are your favourite photographers or artists?
Andy Warhol is my all time favourite artist. He was amazing. As far as photographers, a local photographer called Naomi Frost. She is absolutely amazing.

What is your favourite photography style?
Portraiture and macro.

Do you find it easier to shoot with strangers or people you already know?
I haven't done much work with models so usually it's been shoots that I've been invited to. I find it easier to work with people I don't know generally.

During a photography session with a model, how many photos would you say you take to find "the right one"?
Probably 400. I'm a perfectionist and very self critical.

Have you experimented with any other forms of art?
I have done pretty much everything you can think of. Not successfully unfortunately. I think screen printing and lino printing are the only other things I can do. I can't draw or paint to save myself.

How would you describe your photography style?
Very moody and natural.

Do you have one photograph that's your favourite?
I'm most proud of this photograph [below].

What would you like to be photographing in five years time?
Festivals/Models/YOU! Everywhere!


Stephanie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm a first time visitor of your blog. I love your blog style and your artwork. :)

This interview is great. I've run into a handful of awesome photographers on Flickr within his same age range. I'm always in awe.

Katrina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

wowow amazing photographs. you did well picking her for your interview

xo katrina