Monday, July 11, 2011


I haven't written anything of substance lately, so this post is a few odds and ends that have been on my mind.

First of all, I'm sick againnn! It's only a head cold at this stage, but I would give a lot to be 10 years old again, being looked after by Mum. When my sister or I were home sick as kids, we would lie on the couch in our flannelette pyjamas with a light blue blanket (half my legs hang off the end of my parents' couch now) and watch a movie on VHS. Our favourites were It Takes Two and Good Burger, among many others, all taped off the TV in the days before noughties CGI films were played over and over and over again. Mum would make us soup or cheese on toast, and bring us glasses of orange juice and bottles of water, and often in the afternoon make us nap in bed haha. Sometimes being an adult is pretty miserable- I made it through work today, but sooo tired now. I think I'll go to bed after I post this.

After discovering OneWord through Caitlin's blog, I've been participating when I remember. I did my first few as a guest, but signed up last week so I can keep track of my posts. Each day is a new word, and you have one minute to write whatever you want about that word. I've got a definite childhood theme going so far, but I'll try to get more creative. Check my profile out here.

I'm going to Auckland next week for four nights, which is very exciting. Even though it's just a domestic trip, I've never flown by myself, and never been to an unfamiliar city by myself. Seems rather silly when I think of all my peers flying all around the world alone, but still. Am collecting maps due to my lack of smartphone. I'm so lame. But hey, am super super excited to see three of my friends up there, and just have a break from everyday life.

If you saw my previous post, you may have realised it's a drawing of Charlie and I. I took a break from my Monthly Painters' Challenge project on Saturday night, and worked on that instead. I have to tell you that I absolutely love how it turned out, and though I've got it up for auction on Trade Me, I'm not really bothered whether it's sold or not! If someone really likes it then of course I'll be so excited for them to have it, but otherwise I'll happily hang it on the wall in our flat.

I've absolutely battled with my current MPC painting, and don't really see myself loving it like I did my last one. There's only four days until the deadline so I'll keep trying to get it there, otherwise will just have to submit unfinished photos. Provided this cold doesn't get any worse!

I sent Charlie a link via Facebook message over the weekend, and since we live together, the last message sent was back in December 2009! I scrolled up and the first message is arranging what you could possibly call our first date, if you were being super cheesy. From what I remember, we saw The Hangover at Regent on Manners, my phone rang in the cinema, I was super embarrassed, and I think we drank beer. Anyway, that was 14 July 2009, aka two years ago this week. We don't really have any kind of relationship anniversary, but it was sweet to discover that date. Thanks, Facebook.

Bed is calling. At 3.55pm on a Monday. Sigh!


Lauren said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I still want my mum when I'm ill! There have been times where she has turned up at my door with soup when I've said I'm not well even though I'm 22 now! x

Caitlin said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So sorry you're not feeling well :( I loved the Facebook thing. I've had Facebook since 2005 and I have no idea if any of my stuff is still on there from back then.

Oh and isn't OneWord cool? Glad you're enjoying it :)

Ruby Girl said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

hey girl! feel better soon!! just saw that you asked about outfit post tips like a month ago, and silly me, I'm just getting back to you. You are a beautiful person. My biggest tip, don't be afraid to get a little goofy while you're posing :) annnd wear what you LOVE and only what you love. Have fun! Can't wait to see! <3