Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Humpday Happenings

Over the weekend my parents stayed at the Intercontinental hotel, which is one of Wellington's finest. On Sunday morning we had a little family gathering for brunch at the hotel restaurant- buffet style! So amazing! I had bread with salmon and cheese, waffles and pancakes, mushrooms and bacon, scrambled eggs and fresh juice. Pretty small helpings of everything, but I was so stuffed! I really love all things tourism, especially airlines and hotels. Definitely need to save for more trips away.

After our stomachs recovered from brunch, I went to a few shops with my parents, including a little garage full of junk in Ghuznee Street. Most of it was junk, although there was a decent tripod for five dollars. I was considering buying it, when Dad said he has a spare one I can have! So excited. I feel a little try-hard embarking on this, but I'm really keen to start doing some outfit posts on this blog. It's never going to stop being rather miscellaneous, and definitely not going to become a 'style' blog (pahaha) but I really want to give this feature a go! Working full time in a mostly-casual-smart-casual office, I'm getting even lazier when it comes to my appearance, and I really want to stop that! Too young to be getting frumpy yet! I feel pretty lame when my boyfriend's a million times more stylish than I. So we'll see what happens when I get the tripod (this weekend) and stay tuned.

On Saturday night we had a few beers in preparation for going to town. Wallace had been struggling with a hairball all day, but around 11pm he started really going for it, and then curled up on the floor and started panting and almost convulsing. Major freakout time! We did lots of Googling, I did lots of worrying, and we even called an after-hours vet. Needless to say we didn't end up going to town, but we decided not to take him to the vet and just see how he was the next day. He was eating, drinking, pooping and meowing normally in the following days, but would still have little spells of silent panting, so I booked him in at the vet yesterday evening. When we moved him in the past we've used a friend's or my parents' cat cage, but yesterday I was kind of lost- and there are no pet stores in the CBD! So ridiculous. We ended up taking him to and from the vet by taxi, in a cardboard box which had two holes for handles- they were both Wallace-head-size by the time we got home again!

The vet did a thorough check up and x-rayed his chest- doesn't seem to be a hairball and everything checked out fine including his heart, but the vet suspects he could have asthma so gave him a couple of shots. So relieved it's nothing serious! The horrors you can stumble across on Google...
Wallace and Charlie