Monday, June 20, 2011

Chris Sisarich

To be honest with you, I figured New Zealand's Next Top Model judge Chris Sisarich was purely New Zealand's feeble attempt at filling the ANTM Nigel Barker role. After Googling them both today I am floored to discover that not only is Sisarich an incredible photographer, his work appeals to me far more than that of Barker himself.

Yeah, yeah- I'm probably ten years behind everyone else on this one, I apologise. But if you aren't familiar with Sisarich's work, head over to his website and check it out. Like me, Kiwis will probably recognise heaps of his work from ad campaigns. The below image was apparently shot in Toronto, but there are some incredible NZ images on his website for overseas readers to check out. Links below or click the image.

Chris Sisarich website.
Chris Sisarich blog.


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Hahaha i love nztm! it's so good.
I love Issy, she's so funny!