Sunday, March 20, 2011


I've become a little obsessed with a make up channel over the weekend- I watch make up tutorials quite frequently, but because I can't really afford any quality products at the moment I never really put the techniques shown to use!

Anyway, new favourite is most definitely Pixiwoo- the two girls have beautiful faces, and their accents are fun to listen to.

I just watched this video below which is about concealing tattoos, and is pretty amazing! I know Thin Lizzy does a thick concealer here in NZ which is supposed to cover tattoos completely, but I don't know anyone who has actually used it for that purpose so could just be an infomercial-stretch-of-truth. To be honest, I can't personally think of a situation where I'd need to use this technique on myself at this stage, but it's still interesting, and would be useful to anyone applying make up on other people for weddings et cetera.