Sunday, March 13, 2011

1/30 Apartment Tour

Today I am beginning Faute De Mieux's 30 Day Blog Challenge. The best part about it is that basically there are no rules, but it's a great way for a bunch of people to get shit done. Click here to see others who are taking part, and here to read the original post on it.

My own personal challenge isn't really something I can fail at, but it's still going to be a mission to get done... As I mentioned, we are moving house next month, so my 30 Days will be a documentation of packing our apartment, moving, and setting up in our new place. We'll see where that takes us on this blogging journey!

I thought I'd start with this video tour of where Charlie and I currently live. We have been here a year now and it's been really fantastic- I'm going to be a bit sad about leaving I think. At the start of 2010 year I was flatting after living by myself, and was really hoping to find an apartment on my own again. I was also thinking about how great it would be to live with Charlie, but I wasn't going to suggest that. Luckily, he did. We got this place pretty quickly, after I hit refresh on TradeMe immediately after it was listed. The apartment happened to be right next to where I was working at the time so it was super convenient, but it's right in the CBD so has also been great for my current job and Charlie's.

I would say the only think I don't like about this apartment is the concrete walls- it takes a lot of adhesive to get posters to stay up, and you can forget about hanging most framed pictures! Even 3M hooks, applied following their instructions exactly, fall off after a day or two.


Another Diamond Day said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I thought to stop by and say "hi"! I think that your moving documentary is great and the videos definetely make it very interesting!

Good luck with the move! I will come back to check how it is going!

Take care!