Thursday, March 24, 2011

12/30 Packing Has Begun

It has been several days since I last updated you on my 30-day-challenge progress! But I have achieved quite a lot. Not particularly exciting I'm afraid, but that's my fault for being lazy and choosing a pretty boring topic to record!

I've taken almost all of our framed pictures and posters off the walls, so it's looking very bland in here now! I've packed up quite a lot of stuff in the lounge, thrown away probably half of my art supplies, and have thrown away all our old toiletries from the bathroom, so the biggest jobs left now are packing all our clothes in the bedroom, packing all our kitchen ware... and, of course, actually moving. Squeak!

PS: Yes, eagle-eyes, that is a The Unicorn Club book peeking out of a box in the bottom picture... Sweet Valley for life.