Sunday, January 09, 2011

Wages & Pages

So I'm finally back in Wellington! Caught the train back on Thursday evening. It's Sunday now, so last day of freedom before I start my new job! I am really excited about it, but pretty gutted that I had such an average summer holiday! Was definitely nice to spend lots of time with my family though.

So, because I left my old job for this one, I got a pay out of my annual leave. It's fantassstic to not be worrying about money! (For another week at least...) But I couldn't resist spending some, so Charlie and I had a great day in town on Friday. It was crazy hot too which was nice. We got coffee, and then I went and got my left nostril pierced at Ninjaflower. I've had my nostril pierced at least twice in the past (circa 2007) and both times were at a tattoo studio here in Wellington. I was never unhappy with that studio's service. But wow, Ninjaflower is in a whole different league; I was way impressed. I've been told by lots of people that I should go there, and I'm so glad I did- I'll definitely be another person running around recommending it to all her friends in the future. It was about twice the price of what I paid at the other place back in 2007, but the jewellery alone was worth the difference, in that it's not going to fall out like a twist stud (the reason I had it redone back then). Also, the time spent in the piercing room was probably a solid 15 minutes, with the piercer talking and explaining constantly, and also being pretty entertaining. I want to have a ring rather than a stud, but they don't recommend wearing one until you've had a stud in for three months. But he took the time to position a ring in my nostril, in order to pierce where it will look best when I change to a ring.

I think the best thing was that I see a nostril piercing on a par with earlobe piercing, just in terms of how common it is, and how quick it is to do. But it's still scary having a needle pushed through a body part, and it's great to have them sort of treat it on an equal level to anything they do if that makes sense. There was no brush-off "you'll be right! It's nothing" like at the 2007-place, and Ninjaflower took the time to talk through a lot of aftercare tips.

We had sushi for lunch, and I bought a few make up things from Farmers (including an eyelash curler, Emily). And then I went on a book-rampage and bought three. Someone recommended the Wally Lamb book to me over Christmas, and awkwardly I can't remember who it was (awkward, because we don't have that much family). I started it last night and it's pretty thick, so no spoilers please! Do let me know if you have read it though. So far, it's a novel that sort of rotates around the marriage of two staff members (sorry, "faculty") at Columbine High School. So we all know where this is going. The dedication page at the front, from the author to his mother, had my eyes watering the tiniest bit. So, good luck me.

I also bought the second and third book in the John Marsden Tomorrow series. I already have the first one (Tomorrow When the War Began, which the 2010 movie I rave about it based on), and the three books of The Ellie Chronicles, a sort of sequel series. So there are ten books in total, and I haven't read them right through since I left high school. I read both The Dead of the Night and The Third Day, the Frost yesterday (not a productive Saturday, at all). They are just so fantastic. Inspired by this post from Danielle at Sometimes Sweet, I think I'll do a post of my favourite books shortly. Today I also desperately need to clean the apartment... don't hold your breath on that one though, I'll consider today a success if I manage to wash and straighten my hair.


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