Friday, October 29, 2010

Babe, Illness and Achievement

I have found the drama surrounding the filming of The Hobbit extremely boring. The only time I paid any attention to the media coverage and developed an opinion was when I heard that Michael Fassbender was rumoured to be in it. Hell, yes, please. So now I'm completely thrilled that it's confirmed to be filmed in New Zealand... Okay, I don't know what difference it will make to me exactly, but I guess it's just excitement at the chance of seeing him around Wellington.

I've had a bit of a hellish week unfortunately. Got over my illness of the weekend (okay, okay it was just stomach cramps) and then went downhill again on Tuesday evening with a sore throat which got the exciting bonus of a fierce headache yesterday. It's an important day at work tomorrow, so I finished early today and had a nap. After lots of coughing (glamorous) I actually feel a lot better this evening, which is a huge relief because I have a busy weekend ahead too!

On Saturday I'm going with my Mum and aunt to my cousin's hen (bachelorette) party. She's having an all-day event, starting with brunch and finishing with dinner and drinks etc. We're just going to the brunch part, as in the evening I'm going to the Rufus Wainwright concert. Which I have mentioned a lot, and am so excited for!

Earlier in the week I bought a silk maxi dress off TradeMe, mainly with the Australian wedding in mind. It hasn't arrived yet so I have no idea whether it will work for me or not, but it was pretty cheap so not too bothered. It's backless, so I spent a while inspecting my back with mirrors for any unsightly imperfections before I bought it. Haha, the realities of fashion huh. The success of the dress also depends on whether the Silicone Bra (also from TradeMe and yet to arrive) works... I'll update on that when it arrives, because bras are the bane of my life.

The only other piece of (actually exciting) news is that my favourite old friend Dylan Moran (not the Irish comedian) got a job today at TV3 as an online writer. He's been interning in that role for the past two months... but now he'll be paid for the great work he does! So excited for him, I've known him about five years now and he's been so focused on his goal of a journalism career that whole time. It's quite inspiring; I hope I soon work out exactly what I want to do and start working towards achieving it. My life is currently short-term goals of saving-for-holiday, finding-dress-for-the-wedding, finishing-this-commission... I'm in a job I enjoy, within a great industry, but it would still be nice to have some longterm study and career goals.


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