Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What have you done with Alice?!

Okay, so the lovely Kate requested that I do a blog about my new planner book, mentioned in this Tweet. Which is outrageously amusing considering this blog post (apologies for the abundance of hyperlinks in this post). Popular bloggerdom, here I come.

So anyway, I purchased this pictured notebook (available from OfficeMax here) in a stationery order for work, and once it arrived decided to adopt it as my very own.

For several months I've been keeping a big A4 Executive Diary on my desk at work, and it's been working really well for all my work appointments and to-do lists. However, whenever I have work events outside of business hours, I seem to always be invited to a social event on the same night. And, since I have such a quiet social life, I automatically accept... and then realise I've double-booked.

So, thus far this notebook is working far more successfully to incorporate all aspects of my life. It's small (A5) so I can easily take it home each evening. I've labelled the five built-in tabs: "Alice" (for things like meal plans, my budget and other personal stuff), "To Do" (work action points which I check off and re-write daily, shopping lists, and other appointments), "Info" (lists of work information I use frequently), "Notes" (for jotting down messages and reminders before transferring them to "To Do" and crossing them off) and "Scribbles" (because I'm realistic about the fact that I like to doodle hehe). In each tabbed-section, I have Post-Its flagging different sections "dinner planning" and "$" under "Alice", "processes" and "addresses" under "Info" et cetera.

So far I've been really good about keeping all the information in the right section. I've also started writing "DONE" in red Sharpie, at the top of each page where the all the tasks have been completed.

It's probably not the most sophisticated system, but so far it's working for me. I think having blank notebook pages that still have dividers and tabs is really really helpful (in my old dated diary, sometimes I'd work from a checklist on one page for a week, and then when I went to rewrite the list and moved any outstanding items, there'd be a big blank gap, which got confusing).

Any other questions? Comment!


Kate said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thank you, thank you. I can't wait to geek-out my notebook now. And since this was an actual legit special request, I don't think it's breaking the rules too much, haha

Han said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I keep going backwards and forwards between a filofax and a normal diary - I used to have the problem that I didn't have enough space to write everything in now because I've stepped down from youth work at church that seems to have freed up sooo much space lol. My main issue is that the spaces between the lines are soooo small lol.