Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 27 of 30/Tuesday tidbits

A painting by Brianna Harden popped up on my feed this morning, so I checked out some more of her work on her website. I absolutely love it; her watercolours are everything I would like mine to be some day! I also found her blog, which seems to have been abandoned since her website went up, but has a lot of great work in past entries.

Last night my 'cousin' (aunt's partner's daughter) finally had her baby, about 9-10 days overdue, a little girl.

The prompt for Day 27 is to write about why I am taking part in this challenge. I started doing it just on a whim, and didn't really think I'd stick to it (nor did I read through all the prompts and realise how silly a couple of them are!) I guess I kept doing it because it was fun, gave me something to write about, and prevented my blog from resembling a Tumblr (art link, art link, art link). I can't recall which blog I originally copied it from, but there's a few on my Reader who are one day ahead of me. It's especially cool now that tens of NZ Tweeters have picked it up; always interesting to read local blogs.

Wow, only three days of this challenge to go now! Does anyone have any suggestions for a new challenge I could start doing after this one? Preferably not photography, unless the prompts are really awesome... although I guess I could apply the themes as drawings/paintings... anyway, suggestions please!