Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 10 of 30

Today's prompt is my favourite music to listen to when I'm feeling happy, sad, bored, hyper and mad.

Currently I'm listening to Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds' The Boatman's Call, and I'm feeling pretty happy, though a bit hungover. When Sarah picked me up last night Where the Wild Roses Grow with Kylie Minogue was playing, so this morning I was hunting through my CDs for more of him.

I think I'm happiest when I'm sitting at my desk, drawing. I usually have my iPod on shuffle, but my preferences include Kate Miller-Heidke, an Australian singer who is currently touring the USA. My favourite of her songs is No Truck. Unfortunately I can't find any videos with the studio recorded version on YouTube, but here is a live version with alright audio. I also love Rufus Wainwright, though for any mood. I absolutely adore him. We have two of his live DVDs and I have most of his albums on CD. You can tell I love an artist when I have their albums store-bought haha. We got tickets for his Wellington show earlier this year, but it was cancelled when his mother died. He's rescheduled for October 30th, and I have tickets to go with Charlie, Sarah and Jo. So so so excited. Will probably cry. His sister Martha I only started listening to this year, and my favourite song by her is Factory.

Backtracking slightly (this post may end up pretty long) I've just been letting No Truck play while typing that paragraph; she's so amazing. If you take anything away from reading this (possibly boring) post, make it that you look for more Kate Miller-Heidke music! She's so fantastic. She also Tweeted back at me the other day, so I'm on a bit of a buzz for her. Haha.

Anyway, back to happy artists... I like Girl Talk, who I first heard about from Dylan when he was going to see him at San Fran here in town. Sooo wish I'd known how awesome he is back then! I like some of Charlie's music, especially Kanye (mainly for the memories) and Big Sean (after Charlie had Supa Dupa Lemonade on repeat and I learned all the lyrics). My favourite music to listen to while cleaning is Panic! At The Disco, who I loved during my last years of high school. I think I appreciate their music even more now, however it's definitely only "home alone"... haha.

When I'm sad, like heartbroken, I listen to my favourite song of all time which is The Great Western Road by David Byrne. I first heard it in the credits of one of my favourite films, Young Adam. I absolutely love the Talking Heads too. I have a few of their albums on vinyl. Unfortunately I listened to them constantly during the worst phase of my life so far, so I have mixed feelings about hearing them now... definitely reserved for sad times when I just want to wallow and feel sorry for myself (which is not often at all!) I saw David Byrne live in Wellington at the end of 2008 which was fantastic. He's just incredible. I think we were the youngest people at the concert by at least ten years!

I don't think I have specific music I listen to when I'm bored. I'd just be searching You Tube for songs from TV shows and films to entertain myself. One of my favourites is Song to the Siren which is on the amazing Australian film Candy (two versions).

When I'm hyper, I'd be listening to much the same as when I'm happy; Girl Talk, P!ATD and top 40 type stuff.

When I'm mad, I'd pull out some old CDs I listened to in my early teens; Puddle of Mudd, Nirvana, Alanis... and a whole bunch of old mixed CDs I have. And definitely The Masses Against The Classes by Manic Street Preachers (although currently I'm playing it and it's just making me smile!)


Aubrey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love your idea for the collaboration. I wonder what we could do though. It would be fun since we could most likely have a lot of different things about where we live.

carly. said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

to answer your question...the only other series i REALLY got into was six feet under. if you haven't seen that, PLEASE DO!! it is my all-time favourite television show ever, it's soooo well written!! i've seen a few episodes of breaking bad but didn't really get into it. i'd like to though. except mikey has already seen it and usually we're watching tv together so...

ps: i think mad men will be next. i really want to see that!

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