Monday, August 16, 2010

I had a good, busy weekend. My sister's staying with us until probably tomorrow, so my parents dropped her off on Saturday and we had some lunch and a catch up. We had drinks that night with a few other friends, then went to an apartment in town. Ended pretty early because I'm super lame... I just can't do it anymore! If I don't drink much I feel too lame to go to "clubs", but as soon as I drink "enough" I feel like crap and want to go home in case I make a fool of myself... I think '07/'08 has really messed with my self esteem, and while that's a good thing in some ways, it's made me a super cautious Nana.

On Sunday I saw a couple of friends briefly, then cleaned up our apartment and went to bed mega early. Emily bought pizza ingredients for dinner, which was lucky since we're still poor as hell. I don't buy random junk much anymore, I think we just genuinely don't have enough money for all the bills etc. It's really frustrating. I need to budget the hell out of my pay this week, and work out where it's all going.

This morning at work I was preparing a morning tea for a staff member with a birthday, and sliced into the side of my left thumb with a super-sharp serrated knife. Smart. It looks quite deep and goes 1/3 of the width through my thumbnail, but it didn't bleed too much so I guess it's alright...! It's hurting a lot though, so will monitor it. Have taken painkillers but I doubt that helps.

Break over I guess, back to it.