Saturday, August 07, 2010

Have had the most disappointing weekend thus far! It's Saturday night and I'm at home watching The Stepford Wives on TV2 and contantly squeezing my neck muscles; I woke up unable to turn my head to the right. So irritating! I had to cancel my plans to go to the party of one of my best friends, and I know she'll be disappointed which is totally understandable. I feel terrible, especially after people cancelled on my 21st I hate letting people down.

I haven't had neck pain since I started Humira, and I forgot how incredibly restricting it is to be unable to move your neck! I'm sure it's just a pulled muscle, but it feels pretty similar to my AS symptoms. I have plans with my friend Sophie tomorrow, so I absolutely have to improve over night! So excited to see her, she moved to Auckland over a year ago now and I really miss her.

I have managed to get a lot more work done on my drawing, in brief sittings. I guess sitting with my head bend at my desk probably wont help, but I'm so so eager to finish it! I can't decide whether to add it to my Rufus drawing and store them away for a future exhibition or whether to attempt to sell it on Trade Me. I've spent SO many hours on it! Pricing will be very difficult to work out. I guess I'll just stick to selling little watercolours on Trade Me though, it seems a shame not to exhibit one of the best pieces I've ever done.

This movie is so retarded. I saw it when it first came out. But man the Wives look incredible. I want all of their dresses! And I love Glenn Close.

Here's hoping Sunday trumps Saturday!