Friday, August 06, 2010

Check out more fantastic paintings by Winston Chmielinski here. Fantastic colours, and a similar painting style to my favourite artist of all time, Egon Schiele. From browsing Chmielinski's gallery I would name Colour Me Quiet as my favourite piece.

Since I have two bidders on my little watercolour, I'll absolutely be making more over the next couple of weeks. Could turn in to a useful little money-maker! Really looking forward to improving my technique. For now I'll continue to use watercolours on small, cutesy pieces. However I hope I can develop a style to incorporate into my detailed drawings at some stage.

Will do some more work on my large drawing this weekend, which I can't wait for. When not working on it, I store it hanging on the back of the kitchen door, because I'm so paranoid of something spilling on it! I'm so looking forward to finishing it, though there's a long way to go yet! It's turning out better than I'd hoped, so far, and I think it would definitely sell. Unfortunately the paper isn't very good quality, so I'm not sure I could charge very much, despite the large scale and time it's taking.

I'd been hoping to exhibit this year, but that's obviously not going to happen since it's now August. And I only have two completed pieces and one half-completed. Hopeless! Keeping drawings on an A3+ scale, I guess I'll need to produce at least 20, and preferably more. Perhaps 2011 would be the best time anyway; with the Rugby World Cup on and all.

I went to a SYAOW "meeting" last night at Southern Cross; Sarah, Jo, Carolyn and a new girl, Eevee. Was really nice to have a drink and a chat, and we ended up staying for almost two hours. Eevee is a really sweet girl, and was easy to talk to. She dresses in a wild Japanese-girly-fashion kind of style, with lots of petticoats and lace, and I really admire the way she pulls it off.

Jo and I discussed exhibiting a bit (she was in a group exhibition called Splice with me last year), and she's really enthusiastic about doing a smaller group exhibition, but with more collaborative works, which I think could be fantastic. After my experience with Splice, I'd sort of pushed the thought of developing a theme throughout my work out of my head. It's something I'll definitely need to focus on a lot more. At least with the detailed, inky style I've been doing lately, introducing some motifs across my work shouldn't be too difficult.

The other problem I have is that with all these thoughts about selling work, I really fucking hate my name. I love "Alice". I love "Jones" in that it's my family, and my little sister and I are the last Joneses in this branch of the family, as Dad is the only son. But "Alice Jones" is forgettable and totally already claimed by some poet according to Wikipedia... Unfortunately there's not really any other name I can adopt as a pseudonym. "Niceties"? Haha. My mother's maiden name was "Moody", so that's not happening! I quite like my Dad's mother's ("grandma", I guess, but she died long before I was born) maiden name of Thornton. Annnyway, end of name musings.

Lastly is the plan for tattoo number two... I've been investigating patterns for an upper arm tattoo, probably on my right arm. I don't want a full sleeve, because for some reason tattoos where you can't see any skin gross me out... I know now that I have my first one, that it totally feels like normal skin once it's healed. I'd known that from Charlie's tattoos, but I still had in my head that it would feel like a layer to the person it's on. I just can't shake the "sweaty" feeling when I look at sleeves, so I don't think I'd want one on my body. However, whatever I finally end up with will definitely be large, and take up most of the length and width of my arm, from the side, and likely wrap a little bit too.

The tattoo I have wanted for YEARS is aeroplanes on the side of my thigh (the left one). However, now I that I've had Vodie done on the right one, I want to experience a different body part. From everything I've been told, thighs are almost pain-free compared to other places, and considering how easily I coped with it I'm quick to believe that. Also, obviously they cost a fair bit so I can't go getting them one after the other, so I have to think about the short term, as well as the overall effect once I have several; I don't want two large tattoos on my thighs and nothing anywhere else for several months.

I'm supposed to be at two birthday events this evening; a 24th birthday at 5pm and a 21st at 8pm. Will head to the 5pm one, but really don't see myself as having energy for both. Also I have Sarah's All Blacks party tomorrow night, which I'm sure will involve some face painting and silly pictures. Why do all the events come at once? I can go a month or two, making my own fun on weekends, then all of a sudden everyone decides to throw a party on one weekend. Sigh!