Monday, July 26, 2010

Wellington had fine (but freezing) weather all weekend. Managed to get my butt out of bed on Sunday and cleaned the whole apartment. Which took around three hours. Totally worth it though, because now I don't have that excuse to not to get stuck in to my large-scale drawings! For some reason I find it impossible to do any serious artwork when my art space is messy; every time I try I end up painting gestural works. That's been my style for a long time, but I'm really trying to produce cleaner, more structured works this year.

This week is going to be insanely busy with work events on both Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The Wednesday event is the Internet Industry Awards banquet at Parliament. Excited to get dressed up, nervous to socialise with strangers. I'm rubbish at small talk at the best of times.

Oh, and I have caught Charlie's cold.